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This workshop will enable attendees to form an overview on the possibility to work at a biopharma company. During educational courses the presented career opportunities for students in (bio) scientific directions often focus on academic careers or work in a research or hospital lab. The opportunities and career paths in the biopharma industry are often unknown and unexplored. What is the value of a PhD degree? Can you become head of manufacturing with an MLO degree? How to get into a quality control lab and what do they do? During the workshop we will provide useful information and answer all your questions.
The "CBS" (Statistical Centre of the Netherlands) makes it possible for social debates to be conducted on the basis of reliable statistical information. In a society where amounts of data are increasing explosively, the availability of reliable and integral data is crucial. The CBS provides the Netherlands with reliable statistical information and data to allow insight into social issues. At the CBS, people with diverse backgrounds work closely together. What everyone has in common is the focus on research results of the highest quality. Do you want to get to know the CBS, the CBS database and know what your career opportunities are, come to our workshop!
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Successful companies capitalize on their data. We build custom algorithms and data models to orchestrate and predict seamless connections. In this workshop we will guide you through one of our solutions: optimising email marketing. The email marketing department of one of our clients has asked us to increase the impact of their email campaigns. The client wants to increase open-, click- and conversion rates of emails by using data. We will show you what changes when we personalize marketing by combining Data Science with qualitative research.
Let’s build an awesome product together! Rabobank is the second largest bank in the Netherlands. But did you know that Rabobank is also one of the biggest IT organizations in the Netherlands? Not only do we need systems to handle enormous amounts of transactions, but almost our entire operations run on various complex IT systems. Besides these transactions, we also put a lot of effort in delivering the best online services to our customers by developing sophisticated applications. In this workshop, you will experience how the software development process looks like within Rabobank. There are many methodologies that can be used for software development and one of the most prominent method is the 'Agile' way of working. We will explain exactly how the process works and you will also experience this hands-on. So join us and lets build an awesome product together!
Ready, Set, Innovate! Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Quantum Computing: Technology is conquering the world. But how do you apply new technologies in solving concrete problems in our every-day life, like traffic congestion or climate change? In this Design Thinking workshop, you will work on these issues and develop a tangible prototype within 45 minutes. Will you manage to bridge the gap between technology and real-life problems?
Reinforcement learning (RL) is a powerful machine learning technique for training systems to make autonomous decisions. In this workshop I will give an overview of the basic concepts of RL and discuss what makes RL different from other machine learning algorithms. In addition, we will code together a RL model in Python to find a solution for an interesting use case. About the speaker: Haoran Ding is a data scientist at Qualogy working on projects related to deep learning, predictive modeling and data engineering pipelines. He obtained his Master degree in Media Technology at Leiden University in 2017. He tries not to let his mind go wild about machine learning while taking a shower as he also cares about the environment.
We will give a general picture of the sector and share from our own experiences how we experience working in this sector. In addition, we provide an overview of the functions that you can exercise at our companies and what specific start functions we provide. We would also like to hear from the attendees what you always wanted to know about the innovative pharmaceutical companies and we hope to be able to answer that.
BOTH ROUND 2 & 3! Sign up for our Challenge for a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Curacao! At BearingPoint we develop software with the use intelligent robotic process automation and the Business Process Modeling framework to create smarter processes for business improvement. During our interactive workshop, you get a chance to build a working application using business rules. The participant with the best skills wins an all-expenses paid trip to our office on Curaçao! This workshop is for students with a background in technology or natural sciences. Analytical skills and logical reasoning are essential! Sign up now! 2018 Challenge:
Kickstart your career in industry Workshop by Geertje Janssen – Senior consultant & Partner People in Science 3% of all PhDs will be a Professor. 90% of all Postdocs will end up in a career outside Academia. Be prepared for your future and join the People in Science workshop. Are you a Maste, PhD or Postdoc in the chemical, biotechnology, life science or pharmaceutical field and you have the goal to start your career in the industry? You have come to the right partner to kickstart your career! With our years of experience in recruitment we know all secrets to get hired. Join the People in Science Course “3-Steps to a Career in the Industry” and get actionable insights into:  Current career possibilities  Effective networking strategies  What hiring managers value in applicants  How to leverage & articulate your skills  Effective job searching  How to craft outstanding CV’s and letters and nail job interviews. During the workshop at the BètaBanenMarkt 2019, we will give you a brief of tips & tricks. Subscribe and ask your most important question for the workshop here (link naar .
This workshop will be given in Dutch. In deze workshop/presentatie ga je begrijpen wat Agile Scrum te bieden heeft. Eerst wordt je meegenomen in de Agile wereld en leer je de essentie van Agile werken, waarom dit zo veel meer levert voor de klant én wanneer het slim is om te kiezen voor Agile. Daarna wordt er ingezoomd op Scrum en leer je alle ins & outs van het framework én waarom iedereen hier zo mee wegloopt. De gehele presentatie is doorspekt van praktijkvoorbeelden. Niet alleen vanuit de ICT maar ook vanuit bijvoorbeeld de bouw.
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Meet Tim, Mart and Ellen. All graduated from a beta study at Leiden University and now working as consultants at Ortec Finance. They will share their insights and experiences and this is your chance to ask them everything you want to know about working at a finance company after your graduation.
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